Feedback From Our Valued Clients

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    Blue Burrito Grille “As you know, I have been in the restaurant industry for many years and I can say that it has truly been a pleasure to work with you. Not only were you the only one able to secure the terms and rates I needed on the equipment leases for all four of my restaurants, but your attention to detail and your willingness to accommodate my unusual schedule with professionalism and expediency makes you truly stand apart from others.”

    - Lenny M. Rosenberg, President

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    American Beverage Systems “Of all the qualities that I value about DeGroot Leasing Company, the one that sets you apart from the rest is your quality of customer service. I appreciate your thoroughness and quick follow-up with our customers. You and your staff are very customer oriented and I've always felt very comfortable referring my customers to you.”

    “I would recommend DeGroot Leasing Company to any business, large or small, who desires to lease their equipment.”

    - Bill Ball, Sales Manager

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    AMCO Resources, LTD “You have been able, when others could not, to obtain the rates and terms which we were seeking on several equipment leases dur the past two years. For this we sincerely thank you.”

    “Needless to say as we need additional financing our thoughts always turn to you as your success rate is 100%. As a firm which has experienced the rapid growth we have, financing becomes more time consuming and your endevors have allowed us to continue forward without interruption. It is always a pleasure doing business with you and you can certainly expect to hear from us in the future.”

    - Richard L. Grimes, President

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    Paradise Bakery & Cafe “I wanted to thank you for all your help on equipment leases for our Paradise Bakery & Cafe stores. Your hard work and patience does not go unnoticed.”

    “We look forward to working with you as we open another eleven stores over the next year and a half.”

    - Laurie Danks, Chief Financial Officer