Leasing Facts


What is Leasing?

Leasing is the modern way to control a lot of equipment for very little money.

Who is Eligible?

Leasing is available to businesses who have demonstrated their ability to make a profit and have a record of meeting their financial obligations.

What Does Leasing Cost?

The actual cost of leasing depends on the equipment needed and the period of time this equipment is put to productive use. Utilizing the equipment productively generates profits. These additional profits should far exceed the monthly lease payments. In other words, the use of the equipment pays the lease payments. Leasing pays for itself.

Leasing is not expensive when the enhanced profits, increased cash flow and the potential tax benefits are considered.

The lease is a financial commitment by the leasing company that provides the use of the equipment at a fixed monthly payment. Since this payment cannot be increased, you can budget the payment over the term of the lease.

What Terms are Offered?

Most equipment leased for terms from 2 to 5 years because the equipment normally will pay for itself in that time. However, longer terms are available when a large system or more sophisticated equipment is required.